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DGDA Headquarters

For the renovation of the DGDA head offices, Havelock One was asked to bring a melange of traditional and modern design elements to life in close collaboration with the client.

DGDA Headquarters Image1
  • ClientDGDA
  • LocationKSA
  • scope of workRenovation
  • Size> 11,000 sq. ft.
  • SectorCommercial, Office
  • timeline2020 - 2021

Since June 2020, Havelock One has become a partner to DGDA – Diriyah Gate ‍Development Authority in their journey to create an identity for their HQ that is much more rooted in the rich heritage of the birthplace and capital of the first Saudi state. Starting out with the canteen and majlis, then moving to the office of HE, and recently having been awarded the DGDA Zone 4, our fit-out team in Riyadh as well as setting-out and manufacturing in Bahrain have fully immersed themselves with the Najdi history, culture and hence, design.

Havelock One and the client collaborated in extensive workshops, developing the final interiors through sketches and CAD drawings, integrating the guidance from our experienced factory team on how to give contemporary products, like FD 60 doors, for example, a rustic appeal. Ahmed Al Fowzan, a local artisan, was tasked to apply precise burning techniques and natural pigments to our joinery, integrating allusions of “Al Sadu”, traditional weaving patterns.

Another key feature of the majlis is the ceiling, which includes so called ‘Haseera’ panels, wickerwork made in-house from round trunks of an indigenous tree species, that were securely fixed by our site team.

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DGDA Headquarters Image2

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