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Bridgewater Chocolate

Since Bridgewater Chocolate entered the Middle East markets, Havelock One Interiors has been involved, providing turnkey interior solutions for this high-end chocolatier.

Bridgewater Chocolate Image1
  • ClientAlshaya
  • LocationVarious - GCC
  • scope of workTurnkey Fit-out
  • Sizeapprox. 850 sq. ft.
  • SectorRetail
  • timelineSince 2016

The enormous amount of marble within the Bridgewater Chocolate stores means that not only do Havelock One Interiors have to call on their expertise to produce the fixtures, but also to ensure that the product is safely packed and wrapped for export. Many products manufactured in Bahrain are shipped all over the GCC and as a result, packing specifications are essential to ensure the fittings arrive in the same excellent condition as they leave the factory.

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