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Havelock One recently executed the manufacturing for the project Chipotle at Avenues Mall in Kuwait, delivering high-quality, custom solutions.

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  • ClientAlshaya
  • LocationKuwait
  • scope of workManufacturing
  • Size3,304 sq. ft.
  • SectorFood and Beverage
  • timeline2024

Havelock One was responsible for the loose furniture, shopfront, wall and ceiling finishes, and bar cladding for Chipotle. This included the fabrication of these elements, with a keen focus on quality craftsmanship. One of the standout features of the project is the shopfront, which prominently features Corten Steel. Additionally, the wall partitions create a seamless flow throughout the space while providing privacy where needed.

Our metal division manufactured the Corten Steel structure for the shopfront and pepper artwork, as well as the stainless-steel jitterbug effect for the tabletops. We sourced high-quality materials, including spalted maple veneer and Corten Steel. The project also included sourcing of unique seating and tables, planter boxes, as well as condiment stations and ceiling features ensuring functionality and comfort for the customers.

We take great pride in our contribution to this project and being a part of the opening of Chipotle’s first location in the Middle East at Avenues Mall in Kuwait. This milestone marks the first time Chipotle has entered a new country in over 10 years.

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