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Based on strong beliefs and work ethics of our Management, Havelock One has cultivated an identity and brand that is evident in the way we communicate and act. The philosophy behind our approach to turnkey fit-out projects is grounded in the following core principles.

Our Vision

The partner of choice for the most admired projects in all our markets.

Our Mission

Driving current and future relationships by consistently delivering real value and exceptional service.

Our Voice

- Influential; we are an informed partner and perceptive leader, marrying our know-how with the ability to take your project to the next level.

- Attentive; we are a perceptive listener, analytical and committed to understand and implement what our clients really want.

- True; we act with transparency and integrity, ensuring that we deliver on the trust placed in our capabilities.

Havelock One. Consider it Done.


Once Havelock One has taken on the project ownership, the process becomes seamless for the client. Our self-motivated responsibility is fuelled by our commitment to relationships. We pro-actively give constructive recommendations, pivoting outcomes with our focused ambition.


Based on our in-depth technical knowledge, decades of industry and regional experience and our attitude to reflect on every project, we are capable to deliver exceptional work through the power of thoughtful precision.


Our brand promise, "Evolving partnerships effortlessly", is almost a by-product of who we are and how we cater to our clients' needs and expectations. This promise reaches further across our entire network; it expresses how we coordinate and collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders from employees and colleagues, suppliers, partners and concerned authorities.