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MEI LI at Grand Hyatt, Kuwait

MEI LI is the second lustrously designed Chinese restaurant in Grand Hyatt, wherein our fit-out and manufacturing teams embarked on a high level of project management and custom manufacturing.

MEI LI at Grand Hyatt, Kuwait Image1
  • ClientTAMDEEN
  • LocationKuwait
  • scope of workTurnkey fit-out
  • Size3,767 sq. ft.
  • SectorFood and Beverage, Restaurant
  • timeline2022 – 2022

MEI LI means ‘Beautiful’ in Chinese, and its two-themed dining concepts masterfully designed by abConcept do complete justice to the name. Serving recipes inspired by the most popular dishes from centuries. The restaurant’s concept narrates an explorative journey through the Imperial Palaces of old Beijing.  

Our Kuwait fit-out and Bahrain-based manufacturing teams embarked on this complex installation with great determination, coordination and attention to detail. The most attractive implementation within this space are—the tall metal structures at the entrance with customised crystal beads, the metal frames linked to make a dome-shaped structure with handmade embroidery depicting traditional Chinese colours and art, along with the custom-made velvet furnishings and loose furniture. Our setting-out team have put great effort into developing design details, selecting colour palettes and customising each element to meet the designer’s vision for the red and blue themed dining concept areas. 

Unique handmade wallpapers were fabricated and installed inhomogeneously by our fit-out team, along with several custom decorative lights with a combination of metal, leather and glass in accordance with the design pattern to match the creative vision. Extensive collaboration, coordination and synchronising of elements and finishes were involved in this project. And we are grateful that the final execution was done to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

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MEI LI at Grand Hyatt, Kuwait Image2

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