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Bringing the re-branding to life

Interior manufacturing and contracting company announces re-branding across regional operations.

Over the last couple of months, Havelock AHI has re-branded to Havelock One across its core markets, aiming to provide our stakeholders a more consistent and united experience with a focus on delivering high-quality interior services and products.

“After 20 years in business, it was time to reflect on our achievements and to re-align and deliberately express what we stand for,” says Kashif Akhtar, Group MD of Havelock One Interiors.

“We are continually innovating and growing in order to unlock new value. Which is why we have refreshed our identity to re-establish the very essence of our brand,” he adds.

Articulating our core values

Our updated name and corporate identity reinforce the core values that Havelock One has always delivered on: precision, foresight and drive. However, we have enhanced and built onto those values, which sets the tone for our next chapter.

The addition of ’One’ is to represent our key brand attributes, united, unique and leading. We operate in many markets, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. We also supply for global brands, exporting bespoke fittings to other regions. And we are fully integrated and have one standard of excellence, which we stand united in across sectors and trades.

A unique service offering

At Havelock One, we thoroughly understand our partners’ goals and capabilities, thus allowing us to manage uncertainties and exceed expectations. Our combination of quality performance, comprehension, value and relationships sets us apart and makes us unique. Consequently, we have a proven record of two decades of being leaders within the interiors industry. We are ever striving for distinction and aspiring to be and remain number one, which is reflected in our brand purpose to deliver exceptional work through the power of thoughtful precision.

Our brand’s foundation and exceptional service make us a reliable choice. Planning ahead and finding innovative solutions is our core strength. For our partners, signing a project with us means they can always ‘consider it done’.

The new Abu Dhabi office is a testimony of what our brand stands for

Incorporating all these traits, our Abu Dhabi team has recently turned their office move into an in-house design & build project; and the interiors are a true reflection of the Havelock One brand: “Being equally a prime reference for the quality of our turnkey fit-out service offering, while fusing our values and aspirations, the design expresses unity, transparency and, at the same time, facilitates collaboration: glass, timber, leather, steel and carpet are dominant elements in the open plan layout,” says Adrian Sellar, Division Director of Havelock One’s UAE operations.

About Havelock One Interiors: Since 1998, Havelock One has established itself as a leading turnkey fit-out service provider in the GCC (Gulf Corporation Council), specialising in interior contracting and the manufacturing of bespoke joinery, metal works and sophisticated shop-fittings.

Being driven by the aspiration to deliver exceptional quality through the power of thoughtful precision, Havelock One supports its demanding client base with high-end services and products for hospitality, F&B, retail, commercial, government, entertainment and residential projects.

Havelock One. Consider it done.

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