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Hotel fit out contractors Dubai

Luxury Hotel Fit Out Company in Dubai

Havelock One specialises in hotel fit out services across the GCC region. We are adept at creating the perfect interior space that attracts guests and keeps them returning for more. Our team of project managers, planners, site and QA/QC engineers, and health and safety officers possesses hands-on experience in hotel construction and renovation, ensuring your project runs smoothly. No matter the budget, complexity, or scope of work, our tailored solutions guarantee a transformed hotel space that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Our experience of over 25 years and an impressive portfolio of 8,800+ projects has made it possible for us to gain a strong foothold as a leading authority in interior solutions within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Through the years, we have cultivated our vision and turned it into a remarkable reality by collaborating with some of the most prestigious names in the hotel industry. Located in Dubai, a city renowned for its world-class hotels, we, as trusted hotel fit out contractors in Dubai, have had the privilege of bringing our clients’ dreams of extraordinary spaces to life.

Why Choose Havelock One as Your Hotel Fit Out Contractors in Dubai?

Havelock One prides itself on three core elements: extensive experience, commitment to quality, and a reputation for crafting phenomenal luxury hotel spaces. These pillars form the foundation of our success.

Our distinguishing factor lies in our extensive experience in working with luxury resorts and hotels across the GCC. Collaborating with household names and prestigious luxury brands, such as Four Seasons, The St. Regis, Jumeirah Group, Hilton, and Kempinski, we create spaces that embody sophistication while staying true to our signature luxury touch.

Central to our hotel fit out company in Dubai is our belief in a collaborative approach. Our team works closely with you, and we prioritise open communication and transparency, enabling us to promptly address any issues and keep the project on track. It is through this collaborative mindset that we have fostered numerous successful projects and established long-term partnerships with our clients.