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Tangrams: Havelock One inspires special needs students

Interior manufacturing and contracting company has gifted educational materials for the RIA Institute.

Havelock One Interiors delivered twenty sets of Chinese Tangrams (“The Tangram”), to the RIA Institute in Adliya. The institute supports and educates children with special needs.

A Tangram puzzle consists of seven simple geometric shapes; the challenge is to arrange them in a particular manner to create objects, animals and people according to a set of silhouettes. Having recently rebranded to Havelock One Interiors, the Company has been using Tangrams to make it easier for their staff to memorise shapes, symbolising behavioural patterns grounded in four brand pillars.

Firas Alayed, Operations Director at Havelock One, commented:

“We recently came across a wish list from the RIA Institute. The centre requires different educational materials to help students develop into productive and confident members of society.

We could relate their request for wooden building blocks to the Tangrams we have been using in our Company. As we aimed to communicate to our employees how to live and represent our brand, we hope this ancient Chinese puzzle will support the students of Ria Institute in learning about formation and figures.”

Tangrams help to improve and develop the visual and analytical thinking as well as a child’s orientation and decision-making capability. Playing with Tangrams will enable the students of Ria Institute to learn about polygons, explore mathematical concepts like transformations (translations, reflections, rotations), understand symmetry and practice spatial awareness, problem-solving and fine motor skills.

Mrs Christine Gordon MBE, the Co-founder and Student Director at Ria Institute, thanked the Company representatives and commented: “We were really touched when approached by Havelock One, and hope this is the beginning of a flourishing relationship. Our students have a lot of potential, which is not always obvious due to them being differently abled, and people’s perceptions. With the contribution from companies like Havelock One, we can help our students to become an integral part of an inclusive society.”

Since 1999, the RIA Institute has evolved into an important learning institution in Bahrain, catering to 70 to 140 students annually. With a mission to provide ‘Education for All’ and to promote awareness for inclusive communities with regards to people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities, RIA offers year-round educational and mini-respite services.

Similarly, after 20 years in business, Havelock One aims to reflect its achievements in its re-branding. Furthermore, the new name and brand re-align and deliberately express what the Company stands for: to deliver exceptional work through the power of thoughtful precision. Using the Tangram helped the workforce engage with the new corporate identity, based on its core values, precision, foresight and drive, in a playful manner.

“And this playful approach”, Firas Alayed added, “is now to be shared with the children of the RIA Institute to help them learn, understand and evolve.”

About Havelock One Interiors: Since 1998, Havelock One Interiors has established itself as a leading turnkey fit-out service provider in the Middle East. We specialise in interior contracting and the manufacturing of bespoke joinery, metal works and elaborate shop-fittings.

Being driven by the aspiration to deliver exceptional quality through the power of thoughtful precision, Havelock One supports its sophisticated clients with dedication and care. We deliver high-end services and products for hospitality, F&B, retail, commercial, government, entertainment and residential projects.

Havelock One. Consider it done.

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