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‘Transformation Maestro of the Year’ Award in Manufacturing

Aiman Mahmoud Al Jabr, Head of IT at Havelock One Interiors, received the ‘Transformation Maestro of the Year’ Award in Manufacturing at the Enterprise Transformation Summit & Awards 2019 held during the recently concluded GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, UAE. The Enterprise Transformation Accelerator Awards recognises outstanding IT initiatives by companies and executives from both government and private enterprises.

Leading Business Transformations

In September this year, Aiman was promoted to the position of Head of IT. Under his leadership, Havelock One’s IT department initiated and rolled out a transformation process providing multiple digital solutions to promote business effectiveness and efficiency.

The first step was to implement Epicor, a state of the art ERP (enterprise resource planning) platform catering specifically to the manufacturing industry, but also allowing our fit-out operations to leverage the benefits of digitisation. With the right foundation, we are now integrating more and more tools and applications, facilitating strategic change and improving the work-flow of day-to-day tasks.

“At Havelock One Interiors, we do bespoke projects. So with every project, we have a different story. We have different challenges. To adopt technology to serve such type of complexity, is not an easy journey,” said Aiman.

During the event, he also served as a panelist and was asked to share his business transformation experience: “Once we started the journey of business transformation at Havelock One, our main focus was internally and how to enhance our business processes and to automate all business operations, even at the shop floors and factories. But at a certain stage, we realised […] there is a core value in being in touch with our customers at different stages of the execution of the project. We ended up having […] a CX experience and established something called ‘voice of customer’ (VOC). Our customers can reach out to us at any stage of the project execution. Now, we are […] enhancing our survey process, where we can send it to our customers at different stages, which we call touchpoints or trigger points,” Aiman explained.

Impressions of the Enterprise Transformation Summit & Awards

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