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Value engineering

Over the last few years, value engineering has developed a reputation. But that doesn’t need to be. At the end, it’s just about the client demanding more for less! And we are happy to guide you on this journey with all our expertise.

As Havelock One Interiors has been in the business for more than 20 years, we know exactly how to economise designs, sourcing and all related manufacturing and fit-out processes in order to achieve the best possible outcome at the right price point.

Uncompromising value engineering

For Havelock One Interiors, value engineering is much more than just a cost-cutting exercise; it’s rather an opportunity to improve the equation on both sides, bringing down the budget while enhancing the result. A successful value engineering set-up is based on different pillars. We stay true to the original design concept without compromising on quality. Consequently, Havelock One’s estimation and setting-out teams are well experienced with different materials and their core characteristics; and they know how to source these in an economical manner. At the same time, our engineers and designers are well placed to adjust shop drawings in a way that allows us to streamline the manufacturing process. Our dedicated service is completed by our procurement network: we are experts in finding the right material and product specifications to guarantee the quality and longevity of your project.

Time is money

In a region scarce of resources, where materials and products need to be imported most of the time, lead time optimisation is crucial. Given our highly diversified network, we are capable to source equivalent products from different regions within a shorter timeline, in case the specified materials have lead-in time that extends the original project schedule.