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Retail fixtures and fittings

Havelock One Interiors excels in all aspects of retail environments from small boutiques to large department stores and manufactures shop-fittings for around 400 outlets every year. If you are looking for a shop-fitting company that has been catering to many global retail brands, look no further.

With more than 20 years of retail experience in the Middle East, we have an expert understanding of what our sophisticated clients need, as well as how to service them in a fast-paced sector.

Pride in the details

Whether it be a high-volume roll out or a boutique standalone store, Havelock One has the ability to deliver beyond expectations when it comes to fixtures and shop-fittings. Our clients rely on us to use all our experience to support conceptual designs and convert them into workable solutions. This can be through 3D-images or prototyping, depending upon the level of detail required. Our target is to become an extension of our customer’s team to work collaboratively in ensuring concepts are converted to reality.

Combining manufacturing capabilities with capacity

Our manufacturing process is guided by foresight, planning and robust engineering – and it is supported by an extended in-house capability to manage and control intricate and critical trades within retail project environments. At the same time, we have invested in our factory, offering advanced technology that allows us to balance the mechanisation of the process with manual work where needed.

Joinery is in our blood…

Having worked in the field for decades, we happily contribute our vast expertise in different materials – solid wood, veneer, MDF, metal, acrylics and fabrics – their interface and finishes. Knowing our trade inside out allows us to propose innovative and suitable value engineering options, for instance, creating 3D-carved pieces made of MDF and veneer, based on an in-depth R&D process.

… metal in our heart.

The metal section is capable of processing a wide array of base material, ranging from mild / stainless steel, to brass, copper, aluminium, etc. This allows us to provide a broad range of finish options, such as antique and rusted effect, champagne and black chroming. We give our clients and their designers the ability to envision challenging and unique features within the aspired interiors.