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Havelock One completes Manish Malhotra flagship store at Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue

PRESS RELEASE: Collaborating with renowned Indian designers, Havelock One and North51 celebrate the fusion of tradition with modernity in the luxurious store within Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue.

Havelock One, a leading interior fit-out specialist, has completed the flagship store for renowned Indian fashion designer, Manish Malhotra. The store is located in Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue and celebrates the fusion of tradition with modernity. The design of the store was conceptualised by Gauri Khan, an eminent figure in the world of design and aesthetics and was brought to life through Havelock One’s design development and build expertise.

Timeless meets contemporary

The store’s design reflects the brand ethos of Manish Malhotra’s commitment to blending timeless traditions while embracing contemporary aesthetics. It offers an immersive shopping experience for a diverse international clientele, with a fusion of traditional charm and modern elegance. The brand has prioritised careful considerations with the store aesthetics to honour the heritage, blend the Indian culture, and attract international influencers. The meticulous planning and project consultancy offered by North51 has allowed the brand to engage its audience on a global scale.

Commenting on the successful store opening, Natasha Abbas, Project Director from North51 Consulting, said: “Collaborations with local Indian artists and designers play a pivotal role in enhancing specific elements of the store. Elements like chandeliers, influenced by Arab culture, are integrated to reflect the luxurious environment of Dubai. This infusion creates a synergy between Dubai’s luxurious aesthetic and India’s heritage, providing a distinctive experience that extends beyond couture”.

A vibrant community hub

Manish Malhotra envisioned this flagship store as a vibrant hub that seamlessly amalgamates Indian culture with the Middle East. More than a retail space, it serves as a cultural intersection where the brand’s essence resonates with the diverse community. Its unique features and ambience will act as an influential template guiding the aesthetics for Manish Malhotra’s future locations. This flagship store marks the commencement of a retail expansion plan, setting the tone for a broader global presence.

Adrian Sellar, Division Director – UAE Fit Out at Havelock One, expressed, “With decades of experience in successfully executing projects in the hospitality, retail, commercial, and entertainment sectors, we possess a deep understanding of the requirements for luxury retail, including the launch of flagship and innovative concept stores. The ultimate result, the satisfaction of our clients, and the collaboration with key stakeholders stand as a testament to our expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes in the realm of luxury retail.”

See the full project details here.

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