GDN & AAK | Chinese Tangrams donated to RIA Institute Bahrain

Twenty sets of Chinese Tangrams have been donated to the RIA Institute Bahrain by interior manufacturing and contracting company Havelock One Interiors.

A Tangram puzzle consists of seven simple geometric shapes and the challenge is to arrange them in a particular manner to create objects, animals and people according to a set of silhouettes.

The puzzle will help children learn about polygons, explore mathematical concepts like transformations (translations, reflections, rotations), understand symmetry and practice spatial awareness, problem-solving and fine motor skills.





In the picture: Havelock One operations director Firas Alayed, third from right, and institute co-founder and student director Christine Gordon, fourth from right, with company representatives and the children.

Read the article in Gulf Daily News (ENG):

Read the article in Akhbar-Alkhaleej (ARA):

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