Havelock One Interiors support local charity drive

Our factory employees represented the Company at the 40th Annual Charity Raft Race competition.

The event is an annual fundraiser organised by the Rotary Club of Sulmaniya, which has a long history of driving community initiatives. The local chapter of Rotary International was founded in 1971 and brings together professionals who want to help their community on a voluntary basis.

20 teams from various corporations and associations participated in this year’s Raft Race, taking place at the Al Bander Resort, Sitra – Bahrain on Friday, 19 April. It was a first for team Havelock One at the competition. Still, we are delighted to having secured a fifth ranking in the open sea category, showcasing the power of our team spirit.

The Raft Race has significant challenges for maintaining a good speed of the raft. Consequently, it requires several techniques, effective communication and coordination with strength and stamina. Our team practised for a few weeks before the event and their efforts proved worthwhile. Given a better understanding and experience, we aim to place ourselves even higher in the coming years.

The event was held under the theme “Challenge Disabilities” to support charitable programmes focused on people who require mental and physical support. The competition raised BD 25,000 towards the Club’s annual charity drive as confirmed by the Chairperson of the Rotary Club, Ms Sima Baqi.

We thank all the participants, volunteers and employees who supported our team and another worth cause.

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