The Tangram

Even though the origin is unclear, the Chinese Tangram puzzle has fascinated people for centuries. Reaching European shores via trade routes in the early 1800s, the simple yet elaborate game of seven pieces is the perfect ‘zen’ entertainment for a time of reflection.

For Havelock One, the Tangram is quite a meaningful puzzle; we used it when we rebranded to educate our staff about our behavioural pillars. Those are a reflection of what we stand for as a Company.

Now, we are using the Tangram to showcase our craftsmanship, appreciation for quality - and as a give-away that speaks our corporate language.

Tangram brings joy and learning

We truly hope that you enjoy our Tangrams as much as the kids of Ria Institute, who were previous recipients of this ancient Chinese puzzle, manufactured in our own factory.  For children it’s important to learn about geometry and space in a rather haptic manner – adults seek distraction and a bit of escapism during these special times.

How to puzzle with a Tangram

If you have never played with a Tangram before, please have a look at our gallery below for inspiration. Basically, despite being simple and straight forward, the shapes you can create with these seven puzzle pieces are endless. You can either be inventive and come up with your own figures, or you can guess how the pieces need to be arranged to create the shapes below. Give it a try, it’s actually equally tricky and entertaining.

Havelock One’s behavioural guidelines

And if you wonder what our behavioural pillars are, click to the end of the gallery. There you will find the themes that support our corporate DNA and help all Havelock One employees to deliver exceptional work through the power of thoughtful precision.


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