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Health and wellness initiative: Health talk and check-ups

Havelock One Interiors is committed to the overall well-being of our employees.

Health and wellness have always been a top priority for Havelock One. In line with this thought process, our HR team has been organising a health and wellness awareness programme over the summer.

Having previously benefited from a couple of reviving desk-yoga sessions, our employees took part in health talks organised in association with Al Hilal Hospital Bahrain.

Health awareness

The HR department arranged a work-based session for factory employees and for our office staff. Consultant physician Dr Swapna Koroth and representatives from the hospital visited the Havelock One manufacturing facility. First, they gave a presentation to our factory employees about symptoms related to heat-stress and how to avoid heat strokes. Then, the medical team talked about cholesterol and lifestyle diseases, a relevant topic to create awareness amongst our office staff.

Our employees took this as a fantastic opportunity to discuss their concerns over personal well-being and queries related to certain common health myths.

Medical check-up

In addition, the HR team organised health check-ups for our entire Askar-based workforce. This medical examination has helped each Havelock One employee to know their health condition, monitor fitness levels linked to BMI, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney, liver functions and take remedial measures.

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