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Factory Team Building at Wahooo! Waterpark

To start the new year right, we invited the employees of our factory in Askar to a fun-filled outdoor activity at Wahooo! Waterpark in Bahrain.

At Havelock One Interiors, we recognise the importance of all employees to achieve greater results. Therefore, we build a cohesive organisation by encouraging every member of our team to remain productive and happy with themselves and their job.

“Our Company is moving forward with growth and progress on target, and we couldn’t have done it without the support of our factory. We value the hospitality and retail manufacturing teams’ continued efforts. They help the Company in achieving its vision to be the leading interior service provider in the GCC and beyond,” says Firas Al Ayed, Group Operations Director at Havelock One.

All factory employees joined the team building activity, which included a lunch treat and fun activities such as tug of war, bucket filling challenge, water slide race and swim relay.

At Havelock One, we believe that team-building games that emphasise a combination of individual strengths for the sake of the team’s performance help create trust, better relationships, boost morale and strengthen leadership skills among employees.

“We all work hard and perform our tasks diligently. Beyond this, I know that what drives us is our love and respect for Havelock One. This is the common bond that holds us together in situations of joy and sorrow and in moments of success and challenges. This is the DNA of our spirit and unites us all as Team Havelock One,” explains Rahul Phadke, HR Director at Havelock One.

We would like to thank all supervisors and managers as well as all those volunteers who made this event a memorable experience for everyone.

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