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CSR initiative – teaching marketing at a public boys’ school

Whenever there is a suitable opportunity, to support the communities that allow Havelock One Interiors to operate and flourish, we get involved at all levels. This morning, our Head of Marketing, had the chance to teach her profession at an Emirati public boys’ school in Dubai.


From teaching to marcom

Back in the day, when she was a student herself, our Head of Marketing, Eva Sieburg, wanted to become a teacher. She even spent five months of her GAP year at a high school in Hungary. However, eventually she fell in love with marketing communications and set her eyes on a career in marcom. Nonetheless, if there is an opportunity to combine both, while doing good, she’s immediately up for it! “I’m grateful that Havelock One is so supportive when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR) – it’s part of our value system to get involved and give back”, Eva says.

Derek F. Abell: defining the business

Today, she was invited to teach the “Three-Dimensional Business Definition” model by Derek F. Abell at a public boys’ school. The class is learning about marketing and selling products and services at the moment, and their teacher thought it was a great idea to invite a practitioner. Abell’s framework defines the business at the crossroads of customer groups (who), customer needs and wants (what) and the ‘technology’- products and services (how) that solve the problem.

“I love the simplicity of the model. It can be easily applied to different scenarios, which makes it a great tool to analyse examples and structure the thought process: How can we define and calibrate the individual pillars that will contribute to the success of your brand?”, she adds.

Visualising the concept

The students appreciated the equally simple presentation, working with many images, graphs and easy steps, evolving from a generic to a more and more specific definition.

“Even though marketing is my profession, I still believe in teaching critical thinking,” Eva says. “Basically, I would like to see these students evolve into educated consumers, not buying into every fad or spending beyond their means. It’s essential to understand how marketing works, even if you don’t seek a career in this field.”

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